(Disclaimer: I do not own the content given below. This content is taken purely from http://www.bbctraining.com/onlineCourse.asp?tID=5487&cat=2772 although abridged slightly)

While writing, it’s obvious, you must know what you want to say. Although obvious, people do seem to stray from this central point quite unintentionally. Here’s an example: For the second time in six months, a prisoner at Durham jail has died after hanging himself in his cell.”

This seemingly strange ability to die more than once is also illustrated in this headline: “A suicide bomber has struck again in Jerusalem.”

The afterlife seems to exist according to this writer: “Sixty women have come forward to claim they have been assaulted by a dead gynecologist.”

It’s essential to remember the subject of the sentence. For instance, ” The police in Hounslow, west London, were so concerned about a surge in street crime that they carried out a survey to discover why.” or ” A walker crossing Tower Bridge spotted the body – it’s understood he was about five-and-a-half and Afro-Caribbean.”

Lack of thought produces sentences such as: “It’s a sad and tragic fact that if you’re a farmer you are three times more likely to die than the average factory worker.”

An item on Bank Holiday traffic problems offered this unlikely spectacle: “There’s an overturned tractor trailer heading north on the M11”.

The key to good writing is simple thoughts simply expressed. Use short sentences and short words. Anything which is confused, complicated, poorly written or capable of being misunderstood risks losing the reader.

Have a cool day! B)


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