Bored with nothing much to do? Why not try a good book?

Remember, try to get involved in a good book, it’s not that difficult, just get a good book and begin to read, start with intriguing best-sellers and move on… Till now, I’ve put up good Fiction books, but there’s a whole lot of genres out there waiting to be read, it’s never too late! Here’s another good fiction book:

Here’s today’s ‘Book of the Day‘:

An insightful book relating to regret and violence, Caribou Island takes place in the Alaskan wilderness. With beautiful, flowing language, Vann takes us through a ride around marriage and exile.

Gary and Irene’s marriage is unraveling on a small island in  Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. Gary is resolute on building a cabin from scratch with the hope that it will recapture that initial vibe that brought him to Alaska. However, Irene suspects the cabin to be a first step in his withdrawal from her. Soon, Gary and Irene are found hauling logs out to Caribou Island. Irene is stricken with headaches and flashbacks from her tragic past. The desperate state of their marriage escalates with every other trip to Caribou Island and when winter comes early, the punishing desolation of the wilderness will threaten to push Irene and Gary to the edge and end a marriage sustained by pain and rage that has been simmering for years.


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