Interested in good books? Try these out:

A Palace in the Old Village : Tahar Ben Jelloun :

A celebrated novelist from Morocco, based in Paris, Tahar writes the tale about immigration between Morocco and France. After 40 years in France, Mohammed retires to Morocco and spends all of his money in building a “palace” in the village so that his family might come to live with him.

Mistaken: Neil Jordan:

The story is about identity, death and growing up with a doppelganger in Dublin. The problem with Mistaken is a doom-laden cloud of insinuation that hovers over the story and saps its vitality. Kevin Thunder lives next door to Bram Stoker’s house, and is haunted by Gerry Spain looking exactly like him only with a more privileged upbringing.

The Lake of Dreams: Kim Edwards :

Well-known for her The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, Kim’s new novel is about a woman’s homecoming. Lucy Jarrett returns home from Japan and is haunted by her father’s death and apparently useless curiosities that may offer seeked-for answers.

More to come…

Have a great day 🙂


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