If you’ve read my last blog post, here’s the continuation >> I’m so caught up with Twitterature, that here are more examples… 😛

Take Shakespeare’s Macbeth, whose soliloquies were so often committed to memory and listen to how he describes his own end: “Shit. ‘C-Section’ is not ‘of woman born’? What kind of King dies on a goddamn technicality?” And there is Hamlet : “Gonna try to talk some sense into Mom because boyfriend completely killed Dad. I sense this is the moment of truth, the moment of candor and – ”

King Lear cogitates: “What, my ungrateful girls are kicking me out? I’ll be cold and homeless. This sucketh.” Now, there’s a laugh!!

The Russian greats: Gogol in his Overcoat exclaims “OMG, my coat is gone. Everything is ruined. </3” (Where OMG stands for Oh My God and </3 stands for a broken heart in twitter lingo)  and the ending goes a little something like this: “I suppose I have what I want now, it’s time to rest. If anyone sees my coat, tweet it.”

Totally unexpected, huh? Check this out:

Anna Karenina, after her suicide ends: “This user’s account has been deactivated.”

Frankenstein: “This killing thing is getting way out of control. You know like a mistress you can’t shut up?”

Mrs. Dalloway : “Ah! A party tonight! Should be a fine time – fun, friends, nothing stressful, nothing awkward. Should be a blast!”

Conrad’s Heart of Darkness: “Keep hearing about this ‘unorthodox’ Kurtz guy. Sounds interesting. Probably never overtweets about trivialities. My kind of man.”

John Milton’s Paradise Lost: “OH MY GOD I’M IN HELL”.

Hope you enjoyed this. Try out the original book, lots of fun.

Have a nice day. 🙂


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