Words are amazing ways of expressions. Just think of all the ways words can speak when the tongue can’t! Words are yet another wonderful creation by God, so effective in communication, and feelings…

Imagine Literature and art without words! Imagine this world without words, the basis of  all Science, Philosophy, and art…

Sounds too poetic? But that’s just it! Imagine the absence of words or letters, for that matter, in the times of Einstein, Hitler or even Jesus! What helped Plato, Confucius or Avicenna, the famous philosophers? What inspired Dickens, Shakespeare, Ernest Hemingway or any of those famous writers?

Coming to a more contemporary note – lyrics – inspiring? what makes it so? Words, my friend…

I’m so caught up with the vastness and splendor of words in the form of literature that I’m here to encourage anyone to read as much literature as you possibly can..

According to a close friend of mine, ” A good book is something that’s going to be with you forever, even in your ups and downs. When all seems hopeless, when there’s no one who can help you and you’re desperate, Literature is always there, and is something you can always turn to for guidance, no matter what.”

Ending with a famous quote: “Books are like good friends, you can never have too many!!” 🙂

Have a great day!


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